June 22, 2021

Symphony Sessions blog story and invitation

I was so in love with my newborn son and yet had totally lost any sense of myself. My body was no longer mine. My time was no longer mine. My needs no longer mattered. My relationship was falling apart. Fast. The world on a global scale was falling apart, fast, and changed forever. 

I quickly slipped into a deep depression and anxious panic that was far too familiar and I would not get swept up by it again. In the past, the back door on myself, my life, and this reality would swing wide open and my mind would swim with suicidal thoughts. I had tried to kill myself in the past...and I had even screwed that up. Had I been honest with the doctors, they would have told me that I was struggling with postnatal depression. But I was not willing to share what was really going on for me. With anyone. I didn’t trust doctors, and I was not going back there again. I was not opening the door to the all-too-familiar medical leash and medicine trap again. I was a breastfeeding mother now and I demanded of myself I would do or be anything to have access to greater. To enjoy these precious moments I had longed for my entire life. Universe, what the fuck else is possible? 

I knew I was embodied here on this planet, at this time, to be the very special guardian for Sacha, and being his Mother would be one of the greatest gifts to my life. What could I be for him? I desired to enjoy Sacha more, and I wanted to roll around like a pig in shit soaking up every moment of his first months and beyond. As I held my son in my arms I demanded to have all of me and enjoy motherhood to the fullest no matter what or however it showed up. 

Shortly after making this demand, I rediscovered the potency of the Access Consciousness tools. I began using them to create the life that I desired and soon learned about an Access Consciousness modality called Symphony of Possibilities. THIS! I AM HAVING THIS! I made the demand of myself to take all of the Access classes required as prerequisites to take this class and actualised it within a couple of short weeks. Despite the global crisis, my life began to expand and doors to possibilities opened. 

Receiving my first Symphony Session, all the heaviness and contraction in my world began to unravel with ease. My connection and intimacy with me deepened. Being me was finally a joy. I didn’t feel like I had to be someone for anyone else. After 35 years of desperately trying to be, and do, what everyone else had ever projected and expected of me I was left feeling pulled and torn into a million directions with no sense of me. I experienced a peace and calm I hadn’t felt in a very long while. I gained more pleasure and sensualness with my body, more ease and joy with my baby, and more fun with my partner. 

In the days that followed the Symphony Session, I felt undefined. I felt as though a giant reset button had been pushed. I started waking up, bouncing out of bed, looking forward to creating my day beyond any routines. Insead of the rigidity and heaviness of Mum life with a baby with silent reflux, I woke up with a sense of - What else is possible? What would be fun for me today? What else can I add to my life to create more ease and joy for me and my family? 

I knew immediately that Symphony Sessions were something I had a strong desire to share with others. And I could not be more excited to invite you to a Symphony Session, virtually, via Zoom or in-person from my practice in Cairns. I just wonder...what will show up for you? 

If you could ask for anything, what would it be? 
Is now the time to create the life that you truly desire? 

Symphony Sessions are an invitation to go beyond…way beyond...
your mind
what you had decided to be true 
the lies of this reality 
the judgments, conclusions, justifications and any points of view you may have
your personal story 
your relationships
the definitions you have created yourself as...

Symphony Sessions are an invitation to melt into…
the undefinable energies of the Universe
the undefined space of you 
the universe that holds you 
a sense of Oneness 
communion with your body, being, this beautiful planet and the Universe that gifts you endlessly 

Symphony Sessions are an invitation to create your life from...

  • peace 
  • calm 
  • joy 
  • ease 
  • gratitude
  • endless possibilities
  • magic...and even miracles too...Will you choose that? 

Allow the elementals and the quantum entanglements to conspire with you, and deepen your trust in the abundance of the universe that is constantly supporting and gifting you. Renew your trust in who and what you truly be. 

Is now the time to receive beyond anything you’ve ever received before?

I wonder, what is your ask? 

And...Is now the time? 

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