Welcome a sense of ease, joy and infinite possibilities...

Access Bars® is an amazingly transformative energetic body process that involves the gentle touch of 32 different points on your head (similar to meridian points). 

When these points are lightly touched, it stimulates positive change in the brain and defragments the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts and emotions. 

This begins to clear away everything that keeps you from creating the life that you have always known should be possible. 

Access Bars® creates dynamic change and ease with: 

  • Anxiety & stress 

  • Depression & grief

  • Anger & frustration 

  • Fatigue & insomnia 

  • Headaches & migraines 

  • PTSD, phobias & panic attacks

  • Chronic pain

  • OCD, ADD & ADHD 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Creativity 

  • Receiving money

  • Conception & pregnancy

  • Increased intuitive awareness 

Kids love Access Bars® too. Babies, children and teenagers are invited to come and experience the benefits for themselves. 

Having your Bars “run” is a peaceful and relaxing experience. Some people experience a sense of total calm unlike anything else they have ever known before. Which then begins to open a new world of possibilities to them, transforming their whole lives.

60 mins: $120

90 mins: $160

30 mins (kids under 15): $80

Sessions are delivered in-person

Is now the time to create the life that you truly desire?

...a life beyond all problems, limitations and drama?

These verbal and energetic facilitation sessions are generative, nurturing and empowering. 

Together, let’s cut through the noise and tap into what else is truly possible and available to you now. 

30 mins: $90

Sessions delivered in-person and online via Zoom.

What if you could open the doors to being everything that you ever desired?

Allow the Symphony of Possibilities energies to open the doors to the magic that you always knew was possible. 

These sessions are an invitation to go far beyond the mind and melt deep into the undefined space of being you. 

All of you. 

Into the universe that holds you, and into a sense of oneness with all things.

30 mins: $90

Sessions delivered in-person and online via Zoom.

Each session is as beautifully unique as you are...

Access Energetic Facelift™ is a gentle, yet powerful, no-needle-approach that rejuvenates and reverses the appearance of aging. 

By applying a soft, soothing touch to your face, chest, neck and scalp, this energetic body process exponentializes your body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

This potent energetic body process is currently used in spas and salons by therapists and Access Consciousness® practitioners worldwide. 

People have experienced changes such as: 

  • A more youthful appearance & glow

  • Increased light & luminosity of their skin 

  • Greater elasticity of their skin

  • Clearer eyes

  • Lifting of the breasts 

  • Improved energy & mood 

  • Increased relaxation & less mind-chatter

60 mins: $120

90 mins: $160

Sessions are delivered in-person.

Do you desire more ease and pleasure with your body?

There are more than sixty Access Consciousness® energetic bodywork processes which each invite you and your body to relax, receive and unwind. 

These processes facilitate greater ease, joy and abundance with your body and across all areas of your life.

These bodywork processes assist with supporting the immune system, pain, dis-ease and so much more. 

Every session invites your physical body back to its original function, and is totally unique to your request and presentation on the day.

60 mins: $120

90 mins: $160

Sessions are delivered in-person.

Are you ready to go on a journey to discover who you really are and what you really know?

Let’s dive into the nurturing space of a half-day private intensive together to open the doors to creating the life that you have always dreamed of.

Choosing change of any kind is a brave step and one that we can take together. 

These reality-shattering private intensive sessions are created specifically for you and are tailored to your request. 

The half-day intensive is no half-measure in stepping into a completely different space, reality and presence with yourself and your body to create a life that you are truly excited to wake up to.

These intensives include Access Bars®, Reiki, Shamaballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Bodywork, Symphony Sessions, Access Facelift™, ThetaHealing® and Holistic Counselling/Access Consciousness® verbal facilitation. 

4 Hours: $400

Sessions delivered in-person.

“I felt totally comfortable in Jemma’s confident and capable hands. After my first Access Bars® session, I felt a different state of relaxation...a total sense of calm. After the session, I was able to think more clearly and be more calm and responsive with my son.”
Mariann, Kuranda
“I find it such a relief to have my Bars “run” with Jemma most weeks. I find that this really clears my head, reduces “mind chatter” and supports my relationships at home and also helps me to unwind after a busy work week.”
Aaron, Clifton Beach
"A symphony session with Jemma includes her ability to create a nurturing, non-judgemental space that allows you to be vulnerable and freely explore areas of your life that aren't working for you. I am so grateful our paths crossed and for her contribution to my world. You've got to try a session with her at least once!"
Kiran, Toronto
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