Let’s space out together...

You are warmly invited to join me for live clearings for even more change.
Come experience the potency of transformation available when you “run” seriously dynamic Access Consciousness® clearings.

What the heck is that???

Click here for more information.

These clearings will further assist you in tapping into the energy, space and consciousness that you truly be.

See you there!
Not your average book club...

This “bookclub” is for the seekers and dreamers asking “What the fuck else is actually possible?” and is not for anyone who is vested in maintaining the status quo.
The Ten Keys to Total Freedom are among the main principles of Access Consciousness® which offers ultra-pragmatic tools for everyday living - assisting you in creating more ease, joy and possibilities.

If you use these tools, you will get free in every aspect of your life.

Goodbye to every problem, limitation, drama and trauma now and forever, amen!

Are you ready to get unstuck and step into more choice?

If so, this has your name all over it and you may like to consider joining me for an exploration of these ten reality-shattering tools over ten life-changing weeks.

Time to take the driver’s seat of your life back.

Let’s do this thing, baby!

Delivered online via Zoom.

Investment: $199
What if the purpose of life is to have fun?

If you don’t yet believe that you can change anything and everything in your life, then you’re invited to attend The Foundation.
The purpose of this class is to change the entire foundation off which you are currently living. This way you can create a life that truly excites you and is too much fun.

Have you been asking for things that haven’t shown up yet? Well, this class takes asking and receiving to manifest anything in your life to a whole new level.

This four-day class is jam-packed with tools that can change every aspect of your life.

Anything is possible if you’re willing to choose it.

This class is delivered both in-person and online.

Prerequisite: Access Bars®
Course investment: $1600
Curious to learn Access Bars®?

You can! 

You’re invited to learn this dynamic body process and become an Access Bars® practitioner.
This is a life skill that creates ease, joy and calm unlike anything else. Be warned, you may have friends, family (and clients) lining up at the door to have their Bars “run”.

During this single-day of training, you will gift and receive two Access Bars® sessions.

Don’t be fooled, this training is so much more than simply learning a new energetic modality. The class itself (and the kickass take-home manual) offers an abundance of life-changing tools, questions and processes to change absolutely anything.

Hard to believe?

Come check it out for yourself.

This class is delivered in-person.

Course investment: $360

Learn more about Access Bars® HERE.
Ready for a totally new reality with your body?

There are more than sixty Access Consciousness® energetic body processes. Each inviting you to relax, receive and unwind.
These processes facilitate greater ease, joy and abundance with your body and across all areas of your life.

They assist with supporting the immune system, pain, dis-ease and so much more.

Each body process invites your physical body back to its original function and assists you in creating deeper communion with your body.

Are you ready to step into your phenomenal capacities as a body whisperer?

Come join me for a Bodywork Class where you will learn and trade Access Consciousness® energetic body processes on the day.

Bodywork Classes are delivered in-person.

Half-day class: $90
Full-day class: $160

Energy. Space. Consciousness.

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